Exploding Eggs

There is a new ‘craze’ going round of putting eggs in a microwave to heat, rather than just boiling them the old-fashioned way.

This dangerous procedure has already been warned against in 2019, but is being followed by a new set of devotees, with the consequential bad results.

When an egg is even hard-boiled, there remains pockets of liquid in the yolk. This yolk can rise to 212 ° when microwaved and then, when broken or cracked, superheats the rest of the egg, with explosive force and shoots boiling pieces of the white of the egg, yolk and shell (if heated with shell on also), which can have serious consequences for anyone standing nearby.

The explosion registers up to 133 on the scale (a shotgun is 160).

Hard-boiled eggs should NEVER be put in a microwave!

If needed to be heated up for a recipe, submerge the egg in a bowl of hot water perhaps.

To boil an egg from scratch, carefully lower the egg into already boiling water for 5 minutes for soft-boiled, or up to 10 minutes for hard-boiled.

Heating or cooking eggs in a microwave for a quick-fix solution can be catastrophic and perhaps before doing it, you should ask yourself “is it worth the risk to my health?”